Theme Centerpieces

Our theme centerpieces are all custom created, working with any theme you desire. Whether you've seen it before, have a new idea or work with our staff ...the goal is to exceed your expections.

Balloon Bouquets

From simple bouquets to detailed balloon arrangements, we will work with you to find the look you desire.

Candle Lighting

For most events, we can design you a basic candle lighting piece or we can take it as far as our imaginations will let us.

By incorporating a theme into the piece, it can be that much more exciting and a memorable keepsake.

Boards

As most of our creations, our sign-in boards are custom made. Sometimes designed with just the essentials or quite elaborate by adding on cut-outs, photos and theme-related pieces.

We can enlarge photos, superimpose you into the cover of a magazine, movie poster or any background you prefer.

Room Decor

We can transform your room into a magical place, making the memories last forever.